Winterton-on-Sea In Bloom


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SEPTEMBER, 2020. The flower-covered bicycle that enchanted villagers and visitors alike may have had its last season.

But fear not, it is all set to be replaced with an even bigger and better floral attraction - a tandem.

The display is put up every year outside the Old Mariners by In Bloom member Marie Jannett. In a post on the Winterton on Sea Facebook group she said she didn't think the blue bike would make it to next summer. But following an appeal for a replacement someone in the village donated a two-seater.

In the meantime a barrow has appeared in place of the old blue bike, which has been painted yellow and may appear elsewhere - who knows?

OCTOBER, 2020. The polyanthus and pansy plants arrived in superb condition as always.

Keith and his team started planting straight away. It is so good to see colour again in the planters and borders. The plants will get bigger and better as the weeks progress.

We hope to get the village hall green planters full with polyanthus and pansies this weekend, weather permitting. The few remaining planters around the village will also be planted.

Simple plants are so uplifting during the autumn and winter. It’s totally amazing how they survive during the really cold weather.

Why not plant up a pot of pansies? They are very

colourful and their little faces will make you smile on the greyest of days.

It’s not too late to plant bulbs. I noticed Latham’s still has a good selection. Why not try growing hyacinths in individual pots, they make lovely gifts.

Enjoy your gardening.

Claire Thompson

Chair of Winterton in Bloom

Councillor James Bensley also came along with three men from Great Yarmouth Borough Council, Richard, Simon & Nathan.

Thank you James for arranging with them to help us with cutting back and clearing the area. Apart from one downpour we managed to get so much done with their help and clearing the debris away. We could not have done it without them.

It took four truck loads to take everything away.

A very productive morning. A massive thanks to everyone.

We all made a huge difference as you can see from the photos here in our slideshow.

Claire Thompson

Chair of Winterton in Bloom

NOVEMBER, 2020. Several of the In Bloom team turned up to tackle the two overgrown gardens either side of the entrance to the Playing Field Car Park.

DECEMBER, 2020. OUR heartfelt thanks go out to everyone who donated to the In Bloom GoFundMe campaign.

We have raised an incredible £1,471. That’s just £529 off our target of £2,000.

We rely heavily on donations so please help by following the link above and donating. Thank you.

It has been a very challenging time since we took over Winterton In Bloom at the beginning of September, what with the coronavirus, lockdowns and really bad weather.

Despite all of this, the In Bloom team worked really hard and achieved so much around the village.

The new flower bed we created on the small green at the top of the lane is looking really good and the new planters should look beautiful in Spring, full of tulips, daffodils, polyanthus & pansies.

New lavenders have been planted in the wall garden. The shrubs at

the back of the border have all been reduced in height and shaped, two tons of cutting debris were taken away.

I really recommend Andy who did the work for us, reasonable rates & very reliable.

We have lots of plans for exciting new planting next year.

Work carried out in November at the garden next to the Fishermans

The playing field entrance is now looking so much tidier.

This is still very much a work in progress. Next year we have plans to further improve this area.

The village green & all the other gardens & planters around the village have are now full of polyanthus & pansies.

Some of which are in flower now & will improve as the weeks go on.

Apart from planting, we will be staining the various benches around the village & planters in the new year .

The In Bloom team are all volunteers with our own gardens to look after, but we give our time freely to make our village a beautiful place to live so all can benefit.

We have two new ladies who would like to join our team next year.

Hedge plants trimmed and shaped at the garden next to the Fishermans

If you feel you would also like to be part of the In Bloom team, please get in touch via our Contact Us page.

Thank you to all the In Bloom team for all your hard work , friendship and humour.

Have a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Keep Safe & warm.

Claire Thompson

Chair of Winterton in Bloom

JANUARY, 2021. THE In Bloom team would like to wish everyone a Happy, Healthy & Safe New Year.

We would also like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has donated to our fundraising.

Two of the raised planters have been made and the third is in the process of being made. We were hoping to start staining the first two, but the weather and coronavirus restrictions have set us back at the moment.

I think realistically we will be looking at around springtime before we have everything in place and the team are out in force again. We have so many new ideas and plans for planting and we are all so eager to start.

For now we have to follow lockdown rules and get by with armchair gardening and making plans for our own gardens and what we would like to grow this coming year.

Two of the team did have to venture out this week to carry out some urgent tree surgery work. Sadly we had to remove what was left of our dwarf weeping cherry tree, which was a gift to In Bloom. This was done because of disease and if left, could spread to other trees and shrubs. It’s part of life’s cycle, but still sad.

I love to grow as many vegetables as possible as well as fruit and

salad crops. It is such a satisfying feeling growing your own produce, as well as flowers for your garden. In these difficult & uncertain times gardening can be so therapeutic and rewarding.

If you have any gardening tips or would like to share any news about what your plans are for your garden please get in touch and share with our gardening community.

Finally, to help keep sprits high, we invited Camilla Robinson to write another poem.

Enjoy and keep safe.

Claire Thompson

Chair of Winterton in Bloom

Take life in gentle hands hope

You know of better things to come;

Your fortunes will improve, you'll cope

And then, one day, you'll see the sun.

Others long past have suffered too

Have sacrificed and grieved,

We know not when their tunnels dark

Are buried in depths of rue,

But most with laughing joy come home again.

Here they'll settle, build, renew their vows

Their normal life so carefree and so fine,

Their sunny faces drove away the clouds

On golden sands they'll pass their time.

HOPE AND RENEWAL by Camilla Robertson