Winterton-on-Sea In Bloom

If you are interested in joining the in Bloom team we can always find room for you.

Expertise is not needed, just enthusiasm. And it’s surprising how much you learn.

It’s a really lovely way to be outside with nature and make new friends.

Enjoy your gardens and stay safe!

Claire Thompson

Chair of Winterton in Bloom

GARDENING is such a positive thing for everyone. Once you start it becomes addictive, you will become so absorbed in trying to grow different plants or maybe buying a packet of seeds. The thrill of watching them germinate and grow into healthy plants is so fulfilling.

All of us in the Winterton in Bloom team are passionate about gardening and our gardens. It’s a complete joy to discover new ideas and new plants. None of us ever stop learning.

We want you to share with the group what you are doing in your garden, your successes and maybe some planting that didn’t go well  - we’ve all been there. Have you any great gardening tips you’d like to share? We’re interested in anything garden-related.

My greenhouse is bursting with cuttings. Every time I visit a garden centre I arrive back home with plants and packets of seeds I never knew I needed. And somehow I always manage to find a space for them.

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Come, into this Eden here

And take your time, to stop and stare, 

At the flowers so noble,

So pretty, so bright,

In their glorious hues

Their princely delight.

Flowers bring a cheer

To the darkest day,

Lifting our moods in every way.

So let's rejoice wherever we can

And enjoy life's florals when times are wan.

WINTERTON IN BLOOM by Camilla Robertson

Give thanks to the flowers

And the beauty they bring,

Uphold in your hearts their

Splendour that sings.

Give thanks for the sun

For the rainbows and rain,

And the wind and the Autumn

Until Spring  comes again.

We welcomed three new members the beginning of September. Sue Lund and Roger & Sue Yu.