Winterton-on-Sea In Bloom


THE Winterton-on-Sea In Bloom group started in 2002 and many of the current members are part of the original team. They are all volunteers and work extremely hard to make the village attractive to residents and visitors. The village continues to win gold awards from Great Yarmouth In Bloom, an organisation they are keen to support.

Claire Thompson took over as Chair, Elaine Hillier is now Vice Chair and the new Treasurer is Andrew Simonsen.

Yvonne Mallard, a much loved and missed member of Winterton in Bloom sadly passed away a few months ago. To celebrate the many happy hours gardening with Yvonne, the In Bloom team have planted three perfumed roses in the three gardens that were really special to her.

One memorable year was 2012 when the volunteers marked the Queen’s jubilee with a red, white and blue theme while the school children planted displays representing the torch, rings and flag of the Olympic Games.

In 2016 the village won a gold in the Great Yarmouth in Bloom competition.

At the end of August , 2020 Chair Jean Neve retired from Winterton in Bloom, along with Treasurer Di Jones after 20 years in the team.